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Hey there! I’m Stephanie.

As the Team Experience Manager at Buffer, I plan company retreats and on-sites, refine our operational processes and toolkit, and scrutinize our internal security.

I work with the People team to reimagine what remote team collaboration looks and feels like. We love making cool things happen for our coworkers and building a company culture across borders.

Most recently, I co-launched Internal Coaching at Buffer to support our team’s personal and professional development.

I do what I do so my team can focus on doing what they do best.

Connect with me on any of the following topics:

Cross-cultural sensitivity and understanding in employee
experience design

Vulnerability and psychological safety at work

Inclusivity and Remote Teams’

Intentional Company Retreat Design

Remote Work Culture & Operations

Startup Operations

Future of Work

I’d love to learn more!

Connect with me on:

LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

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