Integrating Technology

As an avid end-user of technological and digital solutions, I’m always searching for ways to leverage on technology to support my objectives as an educator.

Here are some ways in which I have used technology to support teachers and students:

Introduced blogging as a platform for student assessment. (2011, 2012)

The objective: Provide students alternative platform of engagement to promote fruitful and conducive discourse and critical thinking.

The plan: Each teacher was to manage a blog that served his/her classes. Each blog served 2-5 classes. Students were assigned a range of discussion topics to engage in.

  • Designed and launched 4 blogs in 2011 and 3 blogs in 2012.
  • Trained colleagues in using WordPress CMS and moderating blog discussions.
  • Provided WordPress support and troubleshooting.
  • In 2011, my blog served ~150 students and acquired 10,091 views
  • In 2012, my blog served ~120 students, acquired 6,878 views, and generated 1,216 students comments during the 1-month assignment period.

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Shifted primary communication and registration to Google Apps. (2011)

Consolidated publicity efforts for 11th Inter-School Philosophy Dialogue through a blog. (2014)

The objective: Streamline communication process with our community — participants and external facilitators. Send fewer emails.

The context: Previous publicity collateral, discussion topics (for selection), and registration forms were sent as attachments over a series of emails.

The plan: Reduce number of attachments and emails being exchanged by parking essential information on a central blog and on the cloud.


Shifted collateral and discussion topics to Google Docs.

Shared Google Doc with facilitators and teachers-in-charge.

Registration conducted via Google Forms.

Questions addressed via email.

Parked all discussion topics on blog for facilitators’ and students’ reference.

FAQ page was included in the blog to address common issues.

A mailto HTML link with subject was added to direct queries to the appropriate team member.

Regular status updates were posted on the blog for ease of communication.

Reduced number of emails and attachments in inbox!

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