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Listening to Music Is a Full Body Experience Entre Nous

Do people with eclectic musical preferences have richer inner worlds? Or are they just weird? Is there a link between curiosity and musical tastes?  In this episode, Steph and Marcus discuss the role that music plays in their lives. From the songs that tell the story of their lives to the ones that you are kind of embarrassed about but know every single lyric to. (*ahem* Mambo No. 5 *ahem* MmmBop *ahem*) Listen out for: Marcus’ description of listening to Ennio Morricone ‘live’, why Steph no longer makes music (and why Marcus does), why Steph no longer listens to sad music, Steph & Marcus’ discussion about how listening to music is a full body experience. What songs make up the soundtrack of your life? Which song can you listen to on repeat (forever!)? Head over at our Instagram and share your story with us in a comment or a DM. Or Tweet at us! Tag us if you share this podcast with your favorite friends — we love to hear how the conversation resonates with you.  ICYMI, these are the episodes we mentioned: Episode 10 – On Growing Up Awkward and Reply All: The Case of the Missing Hit — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/entrenous/message
  1. Listening to Music Is a Full Body Experience
  2. On Growing Up Awkward
  3. Why Everyone Needs a Coach and a Therapist
  4. Why We Read (And the Books We Love)
  5. Words create worlds