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Au revoir (we're taking a breather!) Entre Nous

What started as a fun project of just doing the thing has quickly become a 15-episode long season. We are so grateful that you have come along with us for the ride and for all the amazing encouragement you all have shown us.  15 episodes in, we've decided to take a small break to review where we've been, how far we've come, and what's next for Entre Nous.  In this season finale, Steph and Marcus reflect on the journey so far. Listen out for: our favorite episodes, whether or not we have gotten used to our own voices, and how meta the Entre Nous journey has been for us. This is also the first time we've recorded the video of us chatting, so follow us on Instagram (@entrenous.podcast) for updates on when the video will be released.  We do have a few mid-season short episodes, so keep an ear out for those over the next few weeks! Stay tuned for Season 2! We have some exciting creative ideas for what we'd like to do and we'll definitely be back. Connect with us over at Instagram (@entrenous.podcast, @marcuwermuth, @stephe_lee) and let us know which episode was your favorite!  Or Tweet at us! Tag us if you share this podcast with your favorite friends — we love to hear how the conversation resonates with you.  Hasta la vista, baby! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/entrenous/message
  1. Au revoir (we're taking a breather!)
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