Addendum on Positive Psychology

Earlier in the week, I published a post on positivity in which Positive Psychology was mentioned extensively. Here's a great introduction to the discipline by the man himself, Martin Seligman:


Pregnancy and Exercise: what to do

This is becoming something of a mini-series, but more information keeps finding its way to me! Girls Gone Strong is, in fact, doing a series on this and they've just uploaded an incredibly informative post on what kind of strength training workout a mother-to-be could do! Some highlights from the post: Jessie Mundell, the author, … Continue reading Pregnancy and Exercise: what to do

Kegels, Squats, and your pelvic floor

Say what? Yes. Your pelvic floor. The lovely thing about the interweb is that clicking on links invariably brings you somewhere interesting. This article on kegels and squats, and what these do for your pelvic floor is a good read for anyone who has a pelvic floor (i.e. you and I). That's why I'm sharing … Continue reading Kegels, Squats, and your pelvic floor

Reading Pitstop

If I could describe my younger self in one word, it would be "bookworm". I read a lot. From fiction (Enid Blyton, anyone?) to the encyclopedia (before the age of Wikipedia), I consumed a lot of information. (Retaining that information is a whole other story.) These days, I still read a lot -- in fact, … Continue reading Reading Pitstop