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“And we wept that one so lovely should have a life so brief;”

Anecdotes about teaching are a dime a dozen. From stories about grading papers, to inspiring kids, to huge, dramatic blow-outs in class, to rants about the amount of administration that needs to be done, to accounts of awful parents… you would think that teachers have given you the whole picture. I thought so. I was […]


by Jacques Prevert He put the coffeeIn the cupHe put the milkIn the cup of coffeeHe put the sugarIn the cafe au laitAnd he set down the cupWithout a word to meHe litA cigaretteHe made smoke-ringsWith the smokeHe put the ashesIn the ash-trayWithout a word to meWithout a look at meHe got upHe putHis hat […]

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Consistent Goals, Evolving Headspace: Interview with Wellness Expert Krista Scott-Dixon, Part 1 // People // I admire her work. F!ck Calories was one of the first books I read on nutrition. My Wife Is a Fighter: A Husband’s Perspective on Woman’s Boxing // Sport, Relationships // Looking at an interesting phenomenon from the other side. Christmas […]

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Podcasts and videos Brad Pilon talks about intermittent fasting and gender differences in intermittent fasting on The Fitcast // nutrition // Intermittent fasting is often touted as an effective way to manage your weight, but I’ve read a number of articles on how sex plays a role. Here’s a podcast on that question. Esther Parel: The secret […]

Visual Pitstop: “Hackschooling Makes Me Happy: Logan LaPlante at TEDxUniversityofNevada”

Hackschooling (possibly the ultimate differentiation), experiential learning, and interest-driven learning, are definitely the way to reclaim the point of education. Sitting at the computer googling all day isn’t, though. That’s just not enough.;search%3Atag%3A%22tedxuniversityofnevada%22