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5 podcasts to get you started

Getting into podcasts can have a pretty steep curve and I never thought to listen to them to fill the long drives that make up a regular day in my life. Back in 2013, a good friend of mine recommended RadioLab and I was hooked. Podcasts are now a staple in my daily drives and I cannot get over how amazing they can be. If you love listening to stories, just as I do, then podcasts may be just what the doctor ordered for your commutes.

Real-Life Stories

RadioLab | Antibodies Part 1: CRISPR

This episode is a great example of what podcast producers can creatively use the medium. You may not think that a podcast episode on genetic modification would be interesting, but RadioLab shows that they’re veterans at this game because some of the audial illustrations of DNA is really amazing. It happens within the first 3 minutes of the podcast — super interesting.

Serial | Episode 1: The Alibi

Serial took the podcasting world by storm by being innovative both in its format and its storytelling techniques. The narrative (a true story, by the way) is so immersive that you’re taken on the investigative journey alongside host, Sarah Koenig. If you haven’t heard of this podcast that inspired a really enthusiastic reddit community, you need to listen to this episode now.

Contemporary Issues

Reply All | #18: Silence and Respect

Reply All covers pretty much anything to do with the Internet, which is… digital-anything! This episode is about how some things that are posted on social media go viral — and the after-effects of that. If you’ve heard about the Lindsay Stone situation, this is the podcast for you.

Radio Dramas

The Truth | The One About the Dead Dog

The Truth | Don’t Touch a Thing

Radio dramas have enjoyed a special place in my heart since I wrote and co-produced one in school. There’s something powerful and immersive about relying completely on sounds to tell a story. These 2 radio dramas were particularly memorable for me, especially Don’t Touch a Thing, which is reminiscent of Roald Dahl’s short stories.


Good Life Project | Brain Hacking: How to turbocharge your noggin

Podcasts with talkshow-formats are pretty common and Jonathan Fields’ podcast is one of the best I’ve come across on life, in general. There’s a huge variety of topics to choose from by a common thread runs through them — they’re all meant to help you enrich your life in some way or other.

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