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Visual Pitstop: Entrepreneurship, Love, and Pets

Lessons on Love, Learning, and Leadership from an Entrepreneurial Power Couple
// Video, Entrepreneurship, Life, Love // Yael Cohen Braun and Scooter Braun talk about how they balance the demands of an entrepreneurial life with family and love.

How Passion, Priorities, and Family Power These Two Driven Entrepreneurs
// Video, Entrepreneurship, Balance // Yael Cohen Braun and Scooter Braun answer some viewer questions. Worth playing in the background just for hear them out.

How Your Cat is Making You Crazy
// Article, Pets, Health // One of my best friends loves her cat to death. She thought I was crazy when I mentioned hearing about this parasite and its freaky freaky effects. Babette, I’m not nuts. It’s worth a read even if you aren’t a cat owner or you don’t give a shit (pun intended) about cats because this is riveting stuff, psychologically- and scientifically-speaking.

Love is Not Enough
// Blog, Love, Relationships // Mark Manson writes: “The only way you can fully enjoy the love in your life is to choose to make something else more important in your life than love.” In this romantic day and age where so many of us hope for the once-in-a-lifetime, soulmate-type of love, this piece can take you back to earth, gently and lucidly.

Finally, I really enjoyed this What’s in My Travel Bag video by heyclaire, who is quickly becoming one of my favourite youtubers:



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