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And So There Must Come An End // Blog, Mortality, Family, Farewell // Huffpost writer, Charlotte Kitley, battled cancer and succumbed to the disease last week. This is her final farewell. Poignant.

Why ‘I Love You’ Isn’t Enough // Psychology, Relationships // (Spoiler) The key to a happy relationship is three-fold: Decrease the criticism, increase the appreciation, and be specific about what you appreciate. The first two are pretty obvious, the third, however, is often overlooked.

Why The Fear of Rejection Never Goes Away // Relationships, Rejection // The Philosopher’s Mail writes about our regular need for reassurance, and differentiates it from that nasty word: neediness.

Sometimes Those Who Have Less Give More // Video, Generosity, Charity // My friend shared this on Facebook and I thought it drove home a point. Sure, it’s a video and may not present things in the most accurate fashion. We can all be skeptical about it. But we can also recognise the other message, namely: How difficult is it to give? It’s often not very difficult at all.

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