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28 Secrets of Exceptionally Productive People // Article, Productivity, Anecdotes // It’s always interesting to find out what other people do. Here’s an easy-to-read collection 🙂

Refinery29 // Magazine, Lifestyle // I have a couple of go-to sites and R29 is one of them. There’s a lovely balance of women-oriented, lifestyle topics, and even a great tech section.

honey & the moon // Blog, Lifestyle, Photography // I first stumbled upon Emma’s instagram and really really liked her pictures. Her tumblr is a collection of those instagram pictures and others. Her appreciation of simplicity and minimalism really comes through.

How To Replace Your Dog With A Baby // Blog, Pets, Parenting // This post hooks you with what seems like a how-to. (Hint: It’s not.) What it really is, is one woman’s reflection on this change in her life.

This vine. Watch it. It’s priceless!

Why We Sleep Together // Blog, Relationships // Joanna Goddard’s response to this article from The Atlantic. Thought it was interesting because one of my favourite parts of the week is sleeping in with my partner 🙂

At the end of each day we remove the onerous cloaks we’ve donned to face the world, and we want to do this lying next to our best friends, to know we’re not in it alone. — from The Atlantic article

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