Things I have learned in my twenties.

1. It is okay to say, “I don’t know.” You can’t possibly know everything (even though I come pretty close ;)), and if someone thinks less of you because they know something you don’t, then they’re only surrounding themselves with people who know what they know. Which is sad. Because that’s… so very little.

2. Be who you are, even if you’re a little weird and somewhat unsuitable for public consumption. it’s tiring to be who you are not. It’s tiring to suppress parts of yourself. It’s tiring trying to second-guess what other people are thinking. It’s tiring, period. And you’ll be unhappy. And people will wonder why you’re not who they thought you were when the cracks start to show (and they will show). Then you’ll be unhappier. Is it really worth not being who you really are just for someone else? No. No one is worth that.

3. It’s okay to like stuff that no one else likes. Usually. Because you are you, you aren’t them. Do what makes you happy as long as no one else gets hurt. Does it hurt other people that you like to fingerpaint on your wall? No? Go for it. Does it hurt anyone when you torture people for fun? Yes? Stop it. Who do you think you are?

4. Surround yourself with people you respect. Because, seriously, if you don’t respect them, then why are you spending those hours (that you can’t get back!) with them?

5. It’s okay if you aren’t cool by other peoples’ standards. Judgmental people aren’t cool either. #justsaying

6. People are attracted to authenticity. Most of us have a built-in radar for bullshit, and we don’t want none of that. Be confident that the person you are is worth other people’s time, and those worth your time will gravitate to you.

7. It’s okay to stay at home to read and vegetate while others are out partying. Me time keeps you sane.

8. No one should tell you what to do, but you should think about whether doing something makes you the person you want to be. Because if it isn’t, then why are you sabotaging yourself? Duh.

9. It’s okay to make mistakes. Really. Unless your mistake means you lost a finger, which brings me to…

10. Foresight will save your ass.


  1. The twenties are a crazy time but this post is great, thanks for sharing! It’s a clever change from the typical ‘what I learned’ list. My blog is all about the hardships of the twenties, feel free to browse! You could probably relate to a lot. All the best!

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