Listening Pitstop

Several years ago, I realised that I’m a late bloomer. That’s a fundamental aspect of my personality. It took me longer than usual to learn how to jump (true story), longer than usual to learn how to study (also a true story), longer than others to learn how to date (you get the point).

In light of this inescapable aspect of my personality, you’ll have to excuse my recent (today!) discovery of some amazing podcasts. PODCASTS!!! I dabbled in radio years ago in school but I never got hooked on podcasts. Today, however, thanks to a recommendation from a friend, I discovered a number of podcasts that are treasure.

Here are some episodes I’ve enjoyed:

Radiolab: Who Are You? – Radiolab was the recommendation that got me on this slippery slope. Very well-produced and well-researched. Love.

The Partially Examined Life: Rawls on Social Justice – A topic close to my heart, one of my favourite philosophers, and the ‘feel’ of the sort of discussion I miss having with my uni mates.

This American Life: Unconditional Love – Act One was powerful.

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