Reading Pitstop

If I could describe my younger self in one word, it would be “bookworm”. I read a lot. From fiction (Enid Blyton, anyone?) to the encyclopedia (before the age of Wikipedia), I consumed a lot of information. (Retaining that information is a whole other story.)

These days, I still read a lot — in fact, I’d much rather read than do a lot of other things (clean the house, for example) — but my reading tastes are more varied. Besides the all-important fiction diet (I can consume a novel a day), I’m finding that I read a lot of fitness and nutrition related articles on the interweb too. Here are some that I loved recently:

  • CrossFit: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    Not because I hate CrossFit (I really have no experience with it), but because this article has a great takeaway for anyone who engages in a fitness regime: that is, why are you doing what you’re doing? and is what you’re doing the best way to get there?

More to come!

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